add a blog (or changelog) to any SvelteKit site

Welcome to le demo. This is a collection of posts in the src/posts folder, and it comes with its very own Atom feed (RSS and JSON also work).!

  • introduction to leblog thu feb 23 2023

    • demo
    • kitchen sink

    An introduction, an example, a kitchen sink.

    leblog is meant to:

    1. Be easy to install and use.
    2. Have sensible defaults.
    3. Be configurable.

    Here's an h2 heading


    • here's an
    • unordered list

    Images work too: Family reading a newspaper

    As do blockquotes.

    Inline code, and blocks too:


    And footnotes1.

    And tables:

    Tables Are Cool
    1 2 3


    1. Footnotes are so great.

  • another post thu feb 23 2023

    • demo

    Writing filler text is surprisingly hard without resorting to lorem.

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